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Cynthia Bravo


Height: 5’1”      Weight: 130 lbs      Hair: Dark brown      Eyes: Dark brown

* Nominated for Best Female Actor in a Feature film at the 2015 Gwinnett Center International Film Festival

Feature Films

Not Your Brother                                               Supporting          Directed by Philippe Caland

Hide in the Light                                        Principal            Directed by Mikey McGregor          

When The Wolf Calls                                  Lead                 Directed by Rudi Womack

Actor for Hire                                             Supporting        Directed by Marcus Mizelle

The Last Night Inn                                      Supporting        Directed by John Heath

The Broken Legacy                                     Principal     ​       Directed by Miguel Garzon

The Bone Box                                             Supporting        Directed by Luke Genton



Short Films

The Last Recollection (short)                    Supporting        Directed by Thomas Personeni

Tabasco Sauce and Blood (short)             Supporting        Directed by Eirin Strickland

Comedy Laughs (short)                            Supporting        Directed by Valentina Carmona

The Caterpillar (short)                              Lead                 Directed by Thomas Schade

Questions of War (short)                          Supporting        Directed by Rudi Woomack

Chasing life (short)                                   Lead                 Directed by Kelly Hughes

The Evangelist (short)                              Supporting         Directed by  Pablo Digenio

​Facing myself (short)                               Supporting         Directed by Askar Bissembin
What’s underneath (short)                       Supporting         Directed by Galo Semblantes

Audition (short)                                       Lead                  Directed by Gonzalo Digenio

Happy anniversary (short)                        Lead                  Directed by Cynthia Bravo
One of those conversations (short)          Lead                  Directed by Prarthajana Joshi
Cheese Sandwich (short)                         Lead                  Directed by Geet Kandya

Marriage is (short)                                   Lead                  Directed by Tatiana Beller
I have something to tell you (short)          Lead                  Directed by Prarthajana Joshi
A Taxi story  (short)                                 Supporting         Directed by Francisco Baca






Basic stage combat

Salsa dancing

Tango dancing 

Pole dancing

Rock climbing

Kick boxing










​The secrets project                               Mrs. Catwright           Directed by Stephen Heatley
Hecuba                                                Lead Chorus              Directed by Sarah Rodgers
The Marriage of Bette and Boo              Mrs. Hudlocker           Directed by Stephen Malloy
The beggars opera                                Diana Trapes              Directed by Ricardo Leal
Midsummer nights dream                     Hermina                    Directed by Ricardo Leal
Our Town                                             Mrs. Soames              Directed by Ricardo Leal

Training & Education

MFA Acting for Film                     NYFA at Universal Studios, California 

BFA Acting                                      UBC, Vancouver, Canada
BA Marketing                                ITESM Queretaro, Mexico

Acting seminar                              Brenda Vaccaro
Comedy and improvisation            Suzanne Kent
Text analysis                                  Valorie Hubbard
Acting technique                           Lynda Goodfriend
Voice and movement                     Gayle Murphy
Sketch comedy                             George McGrath
Acting for the camera                    Gilbert Shilton
Business of acting                          Michael Bershad

Clown                                            Marcelo Katzd


Commercials available upon request

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