A proud mom of two, Director, Producer and wife. Cynthia's producing portfolio includes award winning feature films, short films, corporate videos and award-winning commercials. 

Her commercial work includes spots for Nike, Call of Duty, Doritos, Campbells, and Burger King among others. Her narrative work includes feature films ‘Hide in the Light’, ‘The Last Night Inn’, and ‘The Bone Box’ to name a few. 

With a passion for storytelling, Cynthia is now venturing into Directing. She recently completed the comedy short film “Granny Knows Best” which will start the festival circuit in 2020. Her new found passion for Directing, has her dreaming of stories that are both engaging and unique, while also leaving a positive mark in the community. 

Through Directing, Cynthia wants to become an agent of change, giving voice to minorities and calling out for fairness and equality. Above all, as a new mom, Cynthia wants to make sure her daughters will grow up safe, empowered and confident, and aspires to use Art as a medium for that to happen. 

Cynthia Bravo is also the founder of Glix for the Arts, a 501(c)(3) non- profit organization that provides free guidance and resources to upcoming filmmakers.


Granny Knows Best        (2019)               Writer, Director              Short

Cu-cu pills                     (2019)               Writer, Director              Short

Guilt                              (2016)               Director                         Short

The Crane                      (2015)               Director                         Short

Letters for Daddy           (2015)               Director                         Short

Bristol Place                   (2015)               Director                        Short

Conversation with him    (2014)               Director                        Short




The Bone Box               (2018)               Producer, Line Producer             ULB SAG Signatory

Strain 100                     (2018)               Line Producer                            ULB SAG-signatory            

Mike Boy                      (2017)                Producer, Line Producer             MLB SAG Signatory

Buscando Nirvana         (2017)               Line Producer                            Non-Union

Cold                             (2017)               U.P.M.                                        ULB SAG-signatory 

Hide in the light            (2016)               Producer, Line Producer             ULB-SAG-signatory            

Actor for hire                 (2015)              Associate Producer                    Non-Union                        

The Last Night Inn         (2015)              Producer, Line Producer              ULB SAG-signatory           

The Broken Legacy        (2015)               Co-Producer                              ULB SAG-signatory


Granny Knows Best       (2019)               Producer, Line Producer            Non-union
Alchemy                       (2019)               Producer, Line Producer            Non-union

Tijuana                         (2019)                Producer, Line Producer            SAG-signatory

Nora                             (2018)               Associate Producer                   Non-union

Guilt                             (2016)               Producer, Line Producer            SAG-signatory

My Frankie                    (2016)               Producer, Line Producer            SAG-signatory

Cheap Hooker               (2015)               Producer, Line Producer            SAG-signatory 

A Father Figure              (2015)               Producer, Line Producer            Non-union

The Crane                     (2015)               Producer, Line Producer            Non-union                                              

Under the Covers          (2015)               Producer, Line Producer             SAG-signatory                    

Letters for Daddy          (2015)               Producer, Line Producer             SAG-signatory                  

Red Tie Tree Truck        (2015)                Producer, Line Producer             SAG-signatory                    

Phoenix                        (2015)                Producer, Line Producer             SAG-signatory                    

Bristol Place                 (2015)                Producer, Line Producer             SAG-signatory                    

The Last Recollection   (2014)                Producer, Line Producer             SAG-signatory                     

Look what you did        (2014)                Producer, Line Producer             SAG-signatory                   

Conversation with him  (2014)                Producer, Line Producer             SAG-signatory                    

Poisonous Mammals     (2014)                Producer, Line Producer             SAG-signatory                    

The Caterpillar              (2014)                Producer, Line Producer             SAG-signatory                    

Tell me a memory         (2012)                Associate Producer                    SAG-signatory  

Under the Covers
A Conversation with him
A Father Figure
Look what you did
The Last Recollection Poster
Cheap Hooker
The Crane
Letters for Daddy
The Prodigal Brother Poster
The house on Franklin poster
Hide in the light poster
The Broken Legacy poster
The Last Night Inn