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Tell us a bit about your background.

I was born and raised in Mexico, where I did my undergrad in Business Administration and Marketing. Nevertheless, I always had a passion for acting, so right after graduation, I auditioned for the BFA Acting program at UBC in Vancouver, Canada; that’s a conservatory type of program, and they only take about 12 students per year. Fortunately I was one of them, so in 2009 I moved to Vancouver to pursue a BFA in Acting. Half way though it, I decided I wanted to focus on film, so in January 2011, I moved to Los Angeles to pursue a Master of Fine Arts in Acting. In between semesters, I would take directing and producing classes; I’m very passionate about the industry and I just wanted to learn it all. I completed my MFA in Acting and then I went for the Certificate in Producing at UCLA Extension. I still take online class on different subjects, from entertainment Law to acting, I think that preparation and perseverance are key to success.

What is Glix Entertainment all about?

Glix Entertainment is all about creating high quality content on small budgets. It’s about stretching every penny and being able to make a low budget production look like a million dollar film. Gradually we are moving into bigger budgets, one step at a time, we are making bigger projects, always with the same philosophy in mind, maximizing all resources and putingt all the money on the screen.

We are in constant collaboration with other filmmakers and production companies and we also have our in house productions. At the moment, Glix has a development department for our in house productions; we also offer production and pre-production assistance, grip and electric rentals, camera rentals, crew and post production services. From pre to post, we got you covered!

Is there a particular genre or area of film which you lean towards the most?

I personally like uplifting stories inspired by true events; the stories that motivate you and bring the best out of you. However, the market is demanding horror films, which are super fun to make, so at the moment our 2017 slate has more horror films in the horizon. I believe that something stronger than the genre is the story itself; you can find fantastic stories in every genre, so that’s what we are looking for.

Who are some of the filmmakers you have worked with in recent times?

I’ve worked with a lot of first time directors who share our same passion; every set is different and you can always learn something new; you learn from each success and from each mistake too. Being an independent filmmaker is all about being resourceful, you have to make things happen, no matter what the challenge is, you gotta find a way. I’ve been blessed with being able to work on some amazing sets; I’ve found a team of passionate people who share our values and drive, after a couple of projects you become family and it’s all about helping each other out.

Why do you think movies are important?

Storytelling has been part of human nature since prehistoric times; it’s in our nature to share experiences and to listen and learn from them. There’s something very powerful in film, you can change a perspective, influence, motivate, call to action or simply provide a form of entertainment. It’s a very powerful art form that can easily reach a broad audience, so there’s a big responsibility in it too.

How is the lineup for upcoming films looking? Anything exciting worth mentioning?

At the moment I’m on the set of “600 Miles”, a great film by Eric Iglesias, and the next feature I’m producing is called “The Bone Box”, a fantastic horror film about a grave robber who comes to believe that he’s being haunted by those he stole from. The writer/Director, Luke Genton is super talented and passionate about his project. Gonzalo Digenio, who has a fantastic eye for framing, lighting, camera movement and aesthetics, will be the Cinematographer, and Gareth Koorzen is playing the lead character and is also helping with the production.

After “The Bone Box” I have plans of filming in Mexico, another super interesting horror feature film around Mexico’s day of the death celebration.

Where can people find out more about you and Glix?

Check out our website: or like our Facebook page

You can also reach us at

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